Legends of Callasia – Patch Notes 20160609

We’re introducing some more changes to the in-game seasons (turns), in-game UI, and balance changes. Here’s the run down of what has been changed for this patch.

  • Card Adjustments
    • Adjusted Imperial Guards and all Reinforce cards (including Creeping Death) to be allowed to play even during a battle.
    • Adjusted Portal card to allow building a Portal on any occupied territory or a city.
    • Adjusted card weight for Peasant Revolt, Power of the Woods
      (now also summons a Treant Hero with a bunch of treants on a forest-type terrain), and Summon Tentaklor.
    • Changed the name of Stealth card to Forced March for better messaging of its effects.
    • Added card art for Bribery, Traitor, Siege Machinery, Partisans, and Steal.
    • Updated card art for Forced March.
  • Hero and Unit Adjustments
    • Dalgar, Savil, Izmuth, and Tigris can now be reawakened in 4 turns.
    • Renamed Quartermaster trait to Hordemaster and adjusted it to add 50 to Population Limit.
    • Adjusted Starting Armies.
    • Toned down Orc and Dwarf units to be more inline with other factions.
    • Adjusted armies for Peasant Revolt and Summon Tentaklor.
    • Added text on where to Unlock Heroes when viewing them in Select Heroes UI.
  • Campaign Adjustments
    • Adjusted difficulty for the first 3 campaign levels for each faction.
    • Fixed the complete condition for take the City of Aldhammer on Hundred Kingdoms Campaign 3.
    • Adjusted starting army for Zandalas on Faeborne Campaign 10.
    • Adjusted player’s starting army, fixed the trigger that allowed evil Izmuth and Ter to show up even after you’ve taken over Istmar, adjusted enemy AI, and added new Revenant event for Faeborne Campaign 5.
    • Adjusted player’s starting army on Revenant Campaign 6.
    • Added icons for objectives in Campaign levels.
    • Rewrote most of the Campaign text for a better story.
  • Map Adjustments
    • Added 6 NEW Maps – two 6-player maps (The Hand and Silverpeaks), four 8-player maps (Icepike, Jadethrone, Stormbight, and The Neck).
    • Updated Map thumbnails.
    • Adjusted the Map Select UI to show all available maps and provide info on where to unlock currently locked maps.
    • Added a new kingdom for The Isthmus.
  • Achievement Adjustments
    • Added a new achievement for Completing the Tutorial.
    • Adjusted font color so that the achievement progress can clearly be seen.
  • Other Adjustments/Fixes
    • Reworked Campaign Select UI to show more of the World Map.
    • Changed in-game Seasons to have an Early, Mid, and Late season. Each Season now lasts 3 turns. Also added a probable Weather effect for each turn.
    • Adjusted turn counter to support 3-digit numbers for those Endless Turn games.
    • Updated in-game UI to display necessary Hero, Terrain, and Improvement information like Defense Bonus, VP, Gold, etc.
    • Adjusted the Map Select UI to show all available maps and provide info on where to unlock currently locked maps.
    • Fixed the Stance icon on Battle Screen.
    • Added emotes to in-game chat.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations.