Monster Roller launches worldwide! [Press Release]

Hybrid slot machine combat game Monster Roller launches worldwide!
Collect cute and cool monsters to dominate the battlefield in Boomzap’s new monster strategy game with a unique slot machine battle system

January 27, 2016 – Luck and strategy combine in Boomzap Entertainment’s latest mobile offering, Monster Roller, a monster collecting game with a hybrid slot machine combat system. It is now available worldwide on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store with support for Southeast Asian languages such as Indonesian, Taglish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The world of Monster Roller is a vast, colorful land full of wild monsters. As a Roller, your duty is to tame these wild monsters that have taken over ruins, taverns, and ancient castles. Hatch and collect over 20 monsters plus their evolved forms, with more to follow – all available in offline play!

A Player vs Player (PVP) mode is also available in the arena, where monsters and their human Rollers battle for dominion and wealth. Raise unique monsters and employ different strategies to defeat your friends in live, online PVP.


  • Small game size: The entire game, with over 40 monsters (including evolves) is all under 50 MB.
  • Play offline or online: Play offline solo adventures against the computer or online in PVP.
  • Collect and use over 40 unique monsters and 12 unique eggs: Each monster has its unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine how your monster grows: When monsters level up, you have a say in how they grow — do they gain in attack, healing factor, or HP?
  • Play for free: Every egg type in the store can be earned just by playing the game, without using any gems or energy.

The game’s slot machine mechanic is easy to understand, but mastering which monsters work well together should create different strategic plays. “We made this game to be easy to get into but with an actual learning curve – the monsters,” game designer Sara Santillan explains. Monster Roller also won Game of the Year at the ESGS Indie Arena 2015 and Best Game Art at the GDAP Awards 2015 in the Philippines. The studio’s lead artist Karen Manalastas describes the game’s art style as “a mix of painterly and cartoony style. We illustrated our monsters with the mindset that it should be something that both Eastern and Western people could appreciate.”

Hatch, raise, and train monsters to fight against your friends in online PVP or explore solo adventures offline. Download Monster Roller on your mobile devices and play for free forever with no energy limit. For more information and updates, visit the Monster Roller blog and ‘Like’ the official Facebook page.