Developer Interview: Programmer Victor Rykov talks about code, a brand new region, and the upcoming Android version!

Hello! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Victor. I`m from Russian Federation, but currently I stay in Thailand. I have been working on Rescue Quest since the time I was employed by Boomzap in August 2013. I’m the programmer on this project, which is a free-to-play puzzle game.

Are there any challenges in making a free-to-play game?

The game should have enough unique features to stand out from other products that are already available out there. At the same time, even though the game is free-to-play, it still has to bring some income to the company, so the proper integration of in-app purchases and advertising are essential to the product success. From a programming standpoint, there are a lot of different marketing and social technologies that need to be integrated in order to give the producers and designers an idea on how the game performs and what we need to do to make it better.

What do you think is Rescue Quest’s most unique feature?

The most unique feature is having a character that you can control on the playfield. In most match-3 games, characters only serve as decoration elements and to drive some kind of a story. In Rescue Quest, there is definitely a story, but you can actually control the character – you can move him around, cast spells, and interact with the game tokens. They are on a journey, and we’re doing our best to introduce new regions and add interesting levels in our updates.

Speaking of updates, will the game be available on other platforms too?

Currently we are in the process of porting the game to Android. It should be available on Google Play soon!

Any message to the fans of Rescue Quest?

We are in the process of adding new features and improvements to the game all the time, so player feedback is always welcome.