Rescue Quest Gold brings back its magic to Google Play! [Press Release]

Boomzap’s path-based match-3 adventure relaunches as a premium remastered game for Android devices

August 2, 2017 – Boomzap Entertainment brings back its hit mobile match-3 game to Google Play through Rescue Quest Gold. With its path-based scrolling mechanic, it combines the classic elements of a match-3 game with strategy as you fight against foes and navigate your way across the board to reach your goals. Originally released in 2015 as a free-to-play mobile game by leading casual game publishers in exclusive territories, it is now self-published worldwide by the Southeast Asian studio and returns as a premium “pay once and play” game with no free-to-play elements.

Enjoy over 200 main levels of uninterrupted fun across an epic fantasy world. Rescue Quest Gold is re-balanced for a more casual feel without sacrificing the strategic depth of the original. It also features a new ending, gorgeous new effects, and never-before-seen exclusive content. Players may choose between Boom and Zap, the young magicians on a quest to rescue the Spritelings from an evil sorcerer. Match three or more gems to clear a path towards your goal and overcome enemies using spells that you learn as you progress.

Rescue Quest Gold is out now on Google Play for $4.99 USD. It is also available for PC and Mac on Steam. Grab a copy of the game and relive the magic of Rescue Quest Gold now! More details available at

About Boomzap:

Boomzap Entertainment is a virtual game development studio headquartered in Singapore, and is proud to be a regional leader in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian game development industry. Since its formation in 2005, Boomzap has developed and released over 45 game titles on PC, Mac, Wii, iPad, iPhone and Android, winning multiple awards and selling tens of millions of units worldwide, making it one of the top casual game studios in the industry today. Learn more about Boomzap at, or follow their social media pages for updates: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit

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