Some new monsters

Hey rollers!

For this week, we’ll be showing some sample animations of new monsters:

Dancing Finnikit:



This guy is currently a support type Magma monster.


Helmish, the flying…fish:

This guy has the ability to remove status effects from the whole party. Two other wave types — Lectreel and Puffapy — inflict really annoying stuns and poisons. That’s where Helmish comes in handy!

An unimpressed Volcannon:


Volcannon’s special ability damages targets for up to 5 times its attack stat (depending on how lucky you are!)

Pyropup! He kinda looks like he’s playing baseball…


He’s a heavy attacker with high HP, ┬ábut Pyropup doesn’t have the best aim. He has a whopping three miss slots in his reel.

The updates this week are light, but next week we’ll be doing a lengthier piece on how we balance upwards of 20 monsters on an excel sheet.

We’ll see y’all next week! (And hopefully we’ve met some of you at GDC.)