Boomzap at IGDA Kucha

Boomzap co-sponsored IGDA Manila’s first Kucha night last Saturday. We followed the pecha kucha format: a super-fast Powerpoint presentation, with 20 slides timed for 20 seconds each. We got about 30+ game developers in a room on a Saturday night listening to us rush through slides.

More accurately, I rushed through slides – my talk was exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds, and I was out of breath most of the time. I was terribly not used to the speed!

Boomzap sponsored food and drinks, and also raffled off some of our games to the attendees. Our Manila team was there; it was nice to get to hang out face-to-face.


Here’s the direct link to the video of my presentation: “Working from home: the honest truth”. You can view the slideshow online, and watch the rest of IGDA Manila’s pecha kucha videos here. All in all, it was a great event, and we’re looking forward to the next IGDA Kucha!

Luna Cruz – Producer/designer