Making Your Indie Game Visible Panel at Casual Connect Asia 2017

What are the most crucial tools we use here in Boomzap? What are the new marketing trends that developers should look at this 2017?

Last May at Casual Connect Asia 2017, our very own Marketing Manager, Monika, was part of the indie game marketing panel. Watch the video wherein she joins fellow industry professionals in sharing their insights and experiences in marketing an indie game.

Visibility is the Achilles heel of the vast majority of indie game developers, and it’s only going to get harder in 2017 and beyond, whether you’re doing mobile F2P or premium games on Steam. Come hear the survivalist strategies of us indies who clawed our way through fire and brimstone and (possibly) sacrificed firstborn children to the voodoo gods of marketing, all in the name of visibility and success for our games.

Nicholas McDonnell, Director and Artist, Samurai Punk
Shun Ting Yao, Co-Founder & Producer, Red Candle Games
Monika Guballa, Marketing Manager, Boomzap Entertainment
Kim Tay Naylor, Co-Founder, LandShark Games

MODERATOR: Brian Kwek, Founder, Ysbryd Games