Legends of Callasia – New Patch (20170310)

We’ve added a brand new map, Thranil, for up to 4 players! Today’s webpatch also includes balancing adjustments and bug fixes.

Patch Notes 20170310

  • Units
    • Revenant
      • Adjusted Death Knight’s stats from 40 atk/42 def to 42 atk/38 def.
    • Stoneborne
      • Adjusted Karol’s starting army from 10 Gunners and 2 Artilleries to 10 Gunners, 2 Onagers, 1 Artillery.
      • Adjusted Billy’s starting army from 10 Gunners, 2 Artilleries, and 2 Onagers to 4 Gunners and 3 Artilleries.
  • Cards
    • Fixed Earthquake’s movement cancellation effect
    • Updated Earthquake’s card description to include movement cancellation effect.
  • Maps
    • Added Thranil (4P) map.
  • Other Adjustments
    • Fixed QuickStart option for new maps.
    • Fixed reported typo errors.

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