Legends of Callasia – Patch Notes 05272016

This week we’re doing another balance pass. We’ve been taking the feedback and data we gathered from the previous week and have applied more changes to supplement or make the game more fun.

Hero Adjustments

  • Builder ability now provides 50% discount when building improvements.
  • Recruiter ability now provides 33% discount when buying troops.
  • Chancellor ability now provides 75% bonus gold instead of double the gold.
  • Pillager ability now provides 100% bonus when razing or winning a battle.
  • Standardized Hero cost to 250 gold.
  • Adjusted Hero starting armies to balance them out.
  • Removed Royalty ability.
  • Added Protector ability which grants +50% bonus to Attack when fighting on your land.
  • Changed Liberator to Conqueror which grants +50% bonus to Attack when fighting on neutral or enemy land.
  • Added traits to Multiclass heroes – Conqueror for Hannibal, Siege Master for Ter, andMelee Attacker for Olivia.

Unit Adjustments

  • Homeguard and Rampage adjusted to +50% bonus to Defense or Attack instead of double.
  • Golems now have Frontline instead of Trample.
  • Treants now have Armor instead of Frontline.

Card Adjustments

  • Peasant Revolt now works like Tentaklor. It summons a Peasant Hero with a real peasant™ army that fights any non-neutral army and tries to take over the land where it spawned.
  • Rallying Cry now grants +50% bonus during the Melee phase.
  • Flaming Missiles now grants +50% bonus during the Missile phase.
  • Changed Summon cards to Reinforce cards (including Creeping Death and Power of the Woods). These cards can now only be played on your own land or a neutral/enemy land that has your hero on it but has no battle happening.
  • Adjusted Sabotage card to raze the target land if it has no improvements.
  • Adjusted Stealth card to make your heroes move first regardless of army size.
  • Changed Loot Ruins card to Hidden Treasure which gives you a random amount based on the target land’s resource. This amount is tripled when played on a land with Ruins.
  • Added new Rogue cards – Steal, Bribery, and Traitor
    • Steal takes away 50% of an enemy’s gold income the next turn.
    • Traitor reduces the enemy’s defense by 50% for 1 turn.
    • Bribery does 50% damage to a neutral army.
  • Added a new Warrior card – Siege Machinery
    • Siege Machinery nullifies all defensive bonuses for enemies on target land.
  • Added a new Free for All card – Partisans
    • Partisans reinforces a neutral army.
  • Changed Negation card to prevent any hero action and cancels card effects on target land.

Map Adjustments

  • Hoarfrost – allowed passage from Aldhammer to Frostfinger Foothills

Campaign Adjustments

  • Adjusted turn limit for Capture Gondowyn objective to 15 turns. (4th level in Hundred Kingdoms campaign)
  • Fixed target for Defeat Solmallow and Defeat Aldmallow objectives. (4th level in Revenant campaign)
  • Added a cancel trigger for Ally with Orcs of Caelorien objective. (4th level in Revenant campaign)
  • Added prototype for Campaign Atlas.

Other Design/Tech Adjustments

  • Added Borderless Windowed mode.
  • Razing bonuses changed to grant half the total building value for razing.
  • Nerfed Defense bonuses for Lands and Improvements
  • Added a Game Summary icon in game that allows you to view a turn-by-turn log of the match.
  • Hero icons on the “Not all Heroes have been issued a command” message are now clickable and redirects you to that hero.
  • Added a Defend All Idle Heroes button on the “Not all Heroes have been issued a command” message.
  • Feedback button now has direct links to relevant social media.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements.