New Beta Build (now with Mac!)

We have just released a new beta build, with the following changes:

  • New large, six-player map!
  • A new merchant profession has been introduced, along with a host of new character traits and cards.
  • The card encyclopedia allows you to view all in-game cards to help you plan out your strategy.
    Improved and streamlined tutorial map.
  • Mac build now playable.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

You can download them below with complete instructions here:

Aside from the new Mac build, we’ve also set-up Android set up over the holidays and will be available once tested by QA. And, because the community has shown an interest in it, we’re also working on a Linux version to be released later.

More people have also been checking out the game and posting their game play videos:

Thank you for all the press that we have been getting. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming, and hope you’ll continue to share our project to your friends! Again thank you to everyone who has been supporting Legends of Callasia!