Legends of Callasia launches today! [Patch Notes]

After a few months of doing Early Access and a lot of adjustments, changes, tweaks, and what not to the game, we’re finally launching the game!

In line with the game’s launch, here’s a list of changes we made from the last update we did (06092016 update). We’re also giving away free copies for the full version of the game at legends.boomzap.com/giveaway.

Patch Notes v1.0.0.0

  • Game Mechanics
    • Adjusted Gold Production for each Month.
    • Removed Probable Weather for each Month due to balancing issues.
  • Heroes
    • Free version of the game now unlocks 4 heroes for each faction allowing you to play Hundred Kingdoms, Faeborne, or Revenant on Skirmish or Multiplayer. Note: You will still have to purchase the game if you want to unlock the other heroes.
  • Campaigns
    • Free version of the game now has access to the first campaign level of each faction.
    • Adjusted Tutorial objectives, events, and triggers.
    • Rewrote text for all Campaign Levels.
    • Objectives and Event Trigger tweaks and fixes.
  • Maps
    • Free version of the game now has access Dalelands, Dranacor Straits, and Mount Fury.
    • The announced new 6-player and 8-player maps last update should now be automatically unlocked for everyone.
  • Cards
    • Added a new Hundred Kingdoms Warrior specific card – Mercenaries. This card summons a Neutral mercenary army and is only playable on lands with Improvements.
    • Changed Power of the Woods to function like Peasant Revolt or Summon Tentaklor. It now summons a Neutral army and is only playable on Forest-type terrain.
    • Fixed Portal card issue that prevents it from being played on a City.
    • Adjusted cost of Siege Machinery to 50 gold.
    • Adjusted cost of Traitor to 15 gold.
    • Added Card Rarity on card image.
  • Others
    • Added new BGM and SFX in-game.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.