Greenlight and New Platform Plans

After a couple of weeks, Legends of Callasia has been successfully greenlit by the community – with over 50% of all responses being a “Yes, I will buy this game on Steam!”. Thank you for all the votes! Now with the Greenlight Campaign successful we hope to use this to power our Kickstarter Campaign, which still has 9 days to go! We hope you can support us!

With the feedback that we have been getting from the people who have picked up the PC/iOS pre-beta, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. More people have also been checking out the game and posting their gameplay videos:

The plan for Legends of Callasia is PC/Mac/iOS/Android, with full multi-platform multiplayer, and a persistent account between the various platforms. We’ve gotten OSX and Android set up over the holidays and will be releasing them soon in a new beta update once QA digs into them a little. And, because the community has shown an interest in it, we’re also working on a Linux version to be released later.

Please keep your comments and suggestions coming, and hope you’ll continue to share our project to your friends! Again thank you to everyone who has been supporting Legends of Callasia!