Cavespawn Units Preview and Progress Report

How’s it going, everyone? Since we launched on the App Store last week, we’ve been getting some new players on iOS, and a lot of ranked matches have been happening due to the tournament!

Thought we’d share with you some progress on the Stoneborne DLC. During the Kickstarter, we only shared black-and-white sketches of the Cavespawn. But now, we are ready to show you the units in their full color!

Cavespawn Units
Cavespawn Units

From left to right:

  • Vermins – a bunch of huge, nasty looking rats
  • Trogs –¬†blind, big-eyed, semi-reptilian creatures who carry javelins
  • Arachians – spider-centaurs with crossbows
  • Megapedes – giant, fanged centipedes
  • Stalkers – huge, pointy-looking things
  • Giant Slugs – the “dragon” unit of the Cavespawns

Meanwhile, we are almost done with the first playable versions of the Stoneborne campaigns. All ten levels still need to be playtested (repeatedly) and adjusted to make sure they are fun and well-balanced. Story and dialogues are also being worked on. We’re also starting to decorate the maps with the new decals, and¬†working with some of the backers for their customized in-game rewards (maps and heroes). Still lots of work to be done, but we’re getting there!

While waiting for the DLC, we hope we’ll see you in the multiplayer lobby for the tournament. We’re also still accepting submissions for the art challenge. Mechanics here:

As usual, feel free to chat us up on Discord and Twitch!

For comments and suggestions, just send us a PM here on Kickstarter or our other social media pages. You can also email us at or contact us through the in-game Feedback button.