Update #5 – Week 1: Status Report


It’s been one week since we launched our Kickstarter campaign and you must be wondering what’s our progress so far.

Currently we’re at around $2000, and it’s still a long way until we reach our funding goal, but the team continues to build the game and test its core features everyday, particularly the multiplayer mode. As we play the game, we’ve developed a mindset that we can also apply to this Kickstarter campaign: “improvise, adapt, overcome.” We’re thinking this could be a good tagline for Legends of Fire & Steel!

We’re also exploring other game options to make the game even more fun, while the artists are improving the visuals and special effects. In case you missed it, we’ve updated our project description with GIFs showcasing the new UI! Also, check out the new images for the backer rewards – it’s clearer now what additional item you get when you go up a tier.

We were also mentioned by some press and maybe you’d like to check them out!

Thank you very much for the kind words. If there are any we may have missed, please inform us so we can send our thanks. 🙂

Do you have suggestions or comments you’d like to share? Please let us know! We’d be happy to read them. Your feedback is very important in the success of this project, and again, feel free to share the word to your friends! The more backers, the merrier.