New Beta Build, Card Guide, Gameplay Videos, and Art Interview

We have just released a new beta build, with the following changes:

  • The skirmish screen has been streamlined, giving more useful options when starting a game and removing less useful options. Your starting position is now based on your selected colour unless the Random start position option is checked. Players can vie for the same position, and the actual positions will be assigned randomly.
  • The end of game screen has been improved, showing the game statistics once the game session has ended.
  • We have added a system of tooltips which let you gain quick tips on certain interface elements, such as the army order buttons. Simply click and hold (tap and hold on iOS) to see information on the specific button.
  • Terrain modifiers have been streamlined to a single defensive percentile modifier.
  • You can now queue up movement across several turns by dragging your hero around the map. As you do so, the number of turns necessary to reach the desired destination will be shown. Once you have committed your hero to the path, you can always cancel his orders and give him new ones.
  • A reject notice is now given in the chat window when a player rejects your game invitation.
  • When winning by Victory Points, you are required to hold your VPs for 3 turns now.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

You can download them below with complete instructions here:

By the way, if you’re having trouble choosing a hero or faction, here’s a quick card guide. We’re still working on implementing this in-game, but hope this screenshot helps for now.

More people have also been checking out the game and posting their gameplay videos:

Thank you as well to all the new press we’ve been getting, including this interview with our artists Edwin, Jaq, and Jun on Xmashed Gear. Check it out to see some concept art and WIPs of our heroes!

Please keep your comments and suggestions coming, and hope you’ll continue to share our project to your friends! We have currently reached over $4000, but still a long way until we complete our goal. And again, please do vote for us on Greenlight.