Rescue Quest Gold – New Update (v1.05)

We just released an *enchanting* new update on Steam for Rescue Quest Gold based on all the feedback we’ve been receiving since our launch last month.

Patch Notes (Version 1.05):

  • Steam achievements now working!
  • Difficulty adjustments for specific levels
  • Earn power-ups for replaying completed levels
  • New Advanced Options in Settings:
    – Additional resolution sizes, including Windowed and Borderless Fullscreen modes
    – Toggle autorun / automatically finishing a level
    – Enable tutorial instructions when replaying some levels
    – Option to reset game progress
  • Miscellaneous localization changes, UI improvements, and bug fixes

We’re still working on the other reported issues, and we thank you for your patience. For comments and suggestions, drop by our Discord server or email us at Download now on Steam for PC and Mac: