New Game Hype!

Hey Zappers!

Hope you’re all enjoying the new maps we’re adding to the game. We are also working on some non-Callasia things, and if you’re ready to get hyped, continue reading below.

New Steam Group

More Boomzap games will be coming to Steam! Instead of having separate Steam groups for each, there’s only one group for you to join where you can find all the news and discussions on Legends of Callasia and our other upcoming titles. All Boomzap news in one place!

Join the new official Boomzap group here:

We want this to be a place you can all chat and hangout in, so suggestions are very much welcome.

New Strategy Game

We are announcing our new project soon! Starting April 19 10PM EST, we will be doing weekly dev streams for our new strategy game at

It will have some of the best things you loved from Legends of Callasia, and we’re happy to share the progress we’ve been making so far.

If you want more, visit our Discord for exclusive, real-time updates: