Last Regiment Dev Blog #19 – Visual Improvements and Gameplay Changes

We’ve got some new things this week! Aside from becoming a Twitch affiliate, we’ve made visual improvements and gameplay changes in Last Regiment.

Because of the feedback from last time, we’ve changed the way fog of war displayed and replaced our old, blocky user interface. Passive traits, structure powers, and unit abilities are now clearly separated.

You’ll also notice that there is now only one hero per regiment, and we’ve added units from a mercenary faction that can be used in a regiment without hiring a second hero.

We are also playing around with Build and Raze abilities for all units.

We’ve also removed cooldown for powers and made it gold dependent instead.

Watch the video for the full breakdown.

Next week, we’ll be having our last dev stream for the year. We’ve also been doing some silent gameplay streams if you like to check out our multiplayer testing. See you on Twitch!