Indie Survival Panel at Casual Connect Europe 2017

We’ve been making games for over a decade, and we encountered some difficult times here and there. Chris joined fellow indie developers in a panel at Casual Connect Europe 2017 in Berlin about how to survive as an indie studio.

How does an independent game developer survive and thrive in 2017? What have we learned in 2016, and what new opportunities have we discovered? What old wisdom no longer holds true, and what has changed? In this session, veteran indie developers who have all taken different routes to the market will share their latest experience and thoughts on how to create a long-term strategy for surviving in the current game industry.

Panelists: Chris Natsuume, Creative Director, Boomzap Entertainment
Thomas Andreasen, Founder & CGO, Playlab
Ivo Wubbels, CEO, Engine Software
MODERATOR: Yan Marchal, Chief Bastard, Sanuk Games
To download slides: