4th Legends of Callasia Tournament

Welcome to the 4th Legends of Callasia Tournament! Fight to the top of the leaderboard for a chance to win cool prizes and, of course, bragging rights! This competition will have two phases:

Qualifying Round: December 9, 2016 – January 6, 2017
Elimination Round: starts January 9, 2017

Qualifying Round

  1. Anyone who has purchased the game and/or the expansion can join the tournament by playing Ranked Multiplayer mode on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android.
  2. Player must host or join a ranked multiplayer game with any setting or number of players. If there are several Ranked MP matches open, you will matched at random and you cannot select who you are playing against.
  3. The game uses an Elo ranking system. By default, players have 1000 rank points. After every match, the winning player takes points from the losing one. The difference between the ratings of the winner and loser determines the total number of points gained or lost after a game. Players with higher points will rank higher in the leaderboard.
  4. A minimum of 10 ranked games must be played in order to qualify.
  5. The leaderboard will be reset before the start of the tournament. At the end of the qualifying rounds, the top 16 players in the leaderboard will move on to the next phase: the elimination tournament.

Elimination Round


This will be a 16-player Single Elimination tournament using standard brackets. Pairings will be based on the rankings from the first phase. Players have one (1) week to confirm. Otherwise, their slot will be assigned to the next player in the leaderboard (i.e. Rank 17 and so on).

Game Format and Settings:

Matches will be best two out of three 1v1 games and will be played on different 2-player maps per round. The maps will be announced at the start of every round and will be unlocked for the player as a participation reward as he/she progresses.

All games played will use the following settings:

  • Turns: 30
  • AI: Not applicable
  • Neutral Creeps: Normal
  • Starting Gold: 300
  • Quick Start: On
  • Random Start Position: Off for games one and two, On for game three (Players starting in position 1 for game one will be starting in position 2 for game two. If a third game is required it will be played with the ‘Random Start Position’ enabled.)
  • Disable VP Win: Off
  • Quick Battle Scene: Off

Scheduling Matches:

  • You and your opponent will have one week to schedule and complete your best of three match. Since we have players from different time zones, please plan to be available at least a few days per week at odd hours so that everyone can play their games without any problems.
  • For everyone’s convenience, you can arrange matches using the Discord server #tournament channel (https://discord.gg/010B25KKhFcUalCDH). If your Challonge handle is different than your Callasia or Discord username, please edit your name for this event only so that players can find each other easily with no issues.
  • If you are unable to contact your opponent within the first two days of your match being posted, please report to @legendsofcallasia on Discord so we can help find them.
  • If a player does not respond within four (4) days then they will forfeit their current match.
  • If players cannot accommodate each other’s schedules and no time can be arranged where they can play then the match will be randomly awarded by the contest administrators.

Streaming / Reporting Results:

  • Everyone is encouraged to stream and highlight their games on Twitch so others can watch (and for review purposes in case of any issues)
  • If you are unable/unwilling to stream, feel free to ask on Discord so a moderator or streamer can spectate. If no one is available, please upload a screenshot of the result screens showing both players’ names and scores.
  • Post and tag @legendsofcallasia on Discord with links to the videos/screenshots.

Bugs and Technical Issues:

  • Report bugs to the dev team via Discord (#bug-reports channel) or email (legends@boomzap.com)
  • If the bug or glitch decided the outcome of a game, then the game should be replayed.
  • If it was something minor that had little or no bearing on the game then play should continue.
  • If you and your opponent are unable to reach a consensus on whether the bug or glitch was game deciding, contact the dev team to reach a fair decision for both players.
  • In case any exploits are discovered, additional rules may be applied to prevent any abuse.


  • 1st Place: Champion role on Discord; Name a Map; Three Month XSplit Premium License; Copy of The Stoneborne expansion
  • 2nd Place: Name a Kingdom; One Month XSplit Premium License; Copy of The Stoneborne expansion
  • 3rd Place: One Month XSplit Premium License; Copy of The Stoneborne expansion
  • 4th Place: Copy of The Stoneborne expansion
  • NOTE: All names of Maps, Kingdoms, etc. are subject to Boomzap management approval.

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