Update #9 – Thank you to our backers!


Hey backers!

So, if you have been following the Kickstarter, you can see that unless something completely magical beyond all reason occurs in the next 72 hours, this Kickstarter is not going to make it. While I won’t pretend we’re happy about that, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

We will be doing a full post-mortem of the Kickstarter in a few weeks, where we’ll discuss what we did wrong and how we could have done better – and you’ll all get a mail about that.

Short version: We started marketing too late, we didn’t explain the project well enough, and our video was too long and not exciting enough.

Let me tell you what DID happen that we’re pretty excited about:

  • We found a group of about a hundred people that really care about what we’re doing.
  • We learned *OODLES* about grassroots marketing
  • We got some great feedback about our game.

Now let me tell you what we’re gonna do from here:

  • We’re gonna make this game, just like we said we would. Because it’s awesome.
  • Everyone who pledged is gonna get FREE access to our EXCLUSIVE CLOSED BETA. Additionally, each of our backers will get FIVE free codes to pass to friends for the Exclusive Closed Beta – so you can play the multiplayer with your buds. We’ll be doing this in mid-August. Current target date is August 20th.
  • Following the Closed Beta, we will be improving the game based on your feedback, and putting together a second round Closed Beta that we will make available about 6 weeks later.
  • We will release the Closed Beta in conjunction with a new Kickstarter, which we will be building using what we learned from this one. We will offer *immediate* beta access to anyone who pledges $1 or more.
  • The new Kickstarter will have all of the same levels as before, and you are welcome to re-back us at the same level or a different one. In fact, we will *guarantee* that those who backed us in this campaign will have the same backing level available in the next campaign, regardless of other limitations.

So – that’s it. We’re refocusing our efforts on getting that great Exclusive Beta now, and will have more news for you soon. Thanks again for supporting this great project.