Improved Art Icons


We recently had a playtest and are working on changes to improve the game. The bossman mentioned that the icons look “boring” so we’ve been working on that.


Here’s how the battle screen looked before:

mr 2015-07-02 16-42-07-35


Here’s what it looks like now:

ScreenHunter_239 Jul. 02 15.36


It’s a pretty big change. It’s lost its more ‘iconlike’ properties and now looks like a cross between icon and illustration.

Here’s how the icons evolved:



Some points of interest:

  • We’ve made the background bigger.
  • We’ve simplified the colors and the patterns. Note how the Poison is now green and black whereas it used to have purple. The Stun (blue swirly at the end) also changed following this principle.
  • The top four icons (Wingslap, Tailthrash, Bite, and Claw) changed from being abstract and two-color to having less lines, a simple gradient background, and fewer colors overall.

There’s a lone outlier here — we’re still thinking about the Single Target Heal, which has three wolf-like monsters with a heart on only one. We’re not sold (well, I’m not sold quite yet) on whether the wolf-like look is a good idea or not.  Also, there are some differences in rendering style, which we will be refining as development rolls on.