Developer Interview: Lili Lim shares fun facts and game tips on Rescue Quest!

Find out more about Boomzap’s newest game, Rescue Quest, in this developer interview with game designer Lili Lim. Did you know that the Spritelings did not exist in the beginning and the game even had a different title? Read on to discover fun facts and some tips to help you get through the game.

Q: Hi Lili, can you tell us about yourself and about the Rescue Quest team?

A: Hello! I am Lili from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am a designer in Boomzap. Working with the team is an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Our team consists of people from different countries, background and culture; there are always things to learn (and laugh at!) about each other even though I have not yet met them all in person!

Q: So tell us, where did the story of Rescue Quest come from?

A: Before it became Rescue Quest, it was called “Turnspell Academy”, named after Master Wizard Turnspell who founded a school to nurture and strengthen young wizards. Just like in any good success story, great achievements and strong personality can only be carved in the face of adversity. After meeting with our publisher, Chillingo, and brainstorming with our team, we have prepared our young heroes, Boom and Zap, for a bigger mission. What would happen if the once peaceful world that Boom and Zap lived in – filled with magical Spritelings who have helped them practice magic – is now being harmed by a selfish (and possibly evil) sorcerer? Boom and Zap have now set off on an important quest to rescue the Spritelings. We believe that this story will help bring the best out of the heroes and we wish that it will also serve as an encouragement to our players especially in times of difficulties.

Q: Aside from the story, how is it different from the other match-3 games available in the market?

A: We added a bit of RPG (role-playing game) element to a standard match-3 puzzle game. Players are able to control the heroes and direct them on which path to take. Paths for heroes to walk on are created by matching tokens. One does not simply just make matches in Rescue Quest; we need to plan our turns wisely. Players must decide on the most effective path for our heroes to take and also think of when to use charged spells to maximize its effect. I do think this also adds a strategic aspect to our game.

Q: Creating 100 levels must be hard! What was the thought process in designing each one?

A: What I usually do first is to keep in mind what I want a level to have, like a “theme” or a “focus” of the level. Sometimes, I think from the perspective of our journeying heroes – what if they are “trapped” under a rock cave? What if they have reached a fork on the road where there are several paths to take? What if the caged Spritelings are just a few steps away but we cannot reach it easily? I learn level design tips from other Boomzap designers, Jay and EJ, and we discuss and share our ideas on making levels so we can learn different things from each other. I note down these ideas and draft out a level shape on paper before I create it on the computer then improvise it as we test.

Q: Any tips you can share with the players?

A: Of course! My tips are:

  1. You don’t have to always start by matching around your hero.
  2. Scroll around the level first and use the minimap to help you. Having an idea on how big the level is and where your goals are will help you plan your moves better.
  3. Making matches from the bottom will increase your chances to trigger cascades or combos, which would also increase your chances to create a Power-up token!
  4. Try to align and match 2 Power-up tokens for maximum effect! 🙂
  5. Don’t forget to use your spells! Your spells are charged according to the color of the tokens you match, use them to help you.

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Available on the App Store worldwide except China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.